Documents for Intelligent Agents in English

S.M. Veres and L. Molnar (UK)


Autonomous vehicles, world modelling, map interpretation, collision avoidance, natural language programming, artificial intelligence, publishing knowledge for autonomous systems.


The paper presents an information processing system for autonomously operating vehicles where engineers can write ”publications” written in English that the autonomous systems can ”read” to acquire knowledge such as various skills and behaviour policies. Knowledge about how to perform feedback control based operations, how to do dynamical modelling, path planning, servo and tracking control skills, vision based feedback control, etc. can also be transferred. The ”publications” are similar to engineering booklets with contents, sections, subsections in English, that can appear in HTML, LaTex(pdf) formats. The same paper’s HTML file can be read by an agent on board the autonomous vehicle and after reading the paper the agent knows how to alter its control of the vehicle. There is no need for an application engineer to read a journal publication and implement it by programming, the research engineer’s methodological work is directly utilized by the autonomous vehicle or robot. Engineers different from the author of the ”publication” can also read the papers and learn the details of how the vehicle operates, how decisions are reached and how skills are performed. Not only will users of the autonomous vehicle clearly understand how it operates but will also know its limitations to avoid misuse or misunderstanding. Users can modify English sentences in the ”publication” to influence the vehicle’s behaviour or how its skills are performed.

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