Intelligent Open-Hardware ECG Platform for the Heart Patients Control and Diagnosis

A. Romero, C. Heras, M. Vega, J. Naranjo, C. Vázquez, and A. Preciado (Mexico)


Artificial intelligence diagnosis, Open-Hardware ECG.


Human health is a priority for every country, unfortunately in undeveloped countries where Obesity and Hypertension disorders are increasing every year, the amount of unattended heart patients is growing up as well. Due to the lack of enough sanitary services, great efforts are been done to attend disabled, low incomes or rural population; nevertheless, there are still a great amount of work to do. Arduino is an open-hardware, Bluetooth wireless communication, single microcontroller, multiple I/O platform, used in this project to interface our Electrocardioagram (ECG) signal conditioning circuit to the computer, where, a Matlab program filters the signal, displays the ECG and, by means of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN), is able to establish if the user is healthy, or is presenting Arrhythmia, Left bundle branch block or Right bundle branch block. The main contribution of this paper is the development of a low cost, open-hardware ECG system, which is able to diagnose among a finite number heart diseases, the systems keeps track of the user measurements and is able to log on a medical institution web site to update the clinical records of the patient. Such a system may be used for the benefit of that sector of the population whith limited sanitary services access.

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