Painting Art to Hear for Visually Impaired and Blind People

N. Yogev, R. Rojas, and M. Block (Germany)


Vision, Blind, Sensory Substitution, Music, Colour


We present a computer system for musical representation of seen colours. The system is suggested as an aid for the blind and visually impaired, providing access to an important and information-rich facet of the seen environment. Different colour classes are depicted via exclusive musical signations. The system analyses video input for its colour components and outputs the corresponding unique musical mix as an audio stream in real time. We shall outline the various phases of computation, describe the perceptual and psychoacoustic aspects that were considered during the design process, and present results from a human evaluation as well as perspectives for the on going and future development of the system. Positive feedback from participants in preliminary tests in dicate both the necessity and a future acceptance of this new support medium with blind and visually impaired members of our society.

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