Development of Meta-Learning Support System based on Model based Approach

H. Maeno, K. Seta, and M. Ikeda (Japan)


Meta-Learning, Meta-Cognition, Model based Approach, Guidance Information, Presentation


Meta-cognition plays an important role in acquiring and transferring expertise. Although we recognize the necessity of building a learning scheme for developing meta-cognitive skills, little knowledge for it has been acquired. We try to accumulate knowledge of meta learning support system development in presentation based meta-learning scheme. Many researchers try to develop meta-learning support systems but their design principles are not necessarily described explicitly. Consequently, the know-how of developing meta-learning support system cannot be accumulated. Therefore, we adopt design model based approach to confront the problem. In our learning scheme, we provide a presentation task in specific learning area to a learner, who thinks he/she had already learned that specific topic. In this learning scheme, we intend to give the learner a chance to reflect his/her own learning processes. In this paper, we propose a guidance function to encourage learners’ reflection for meta-learning based on a design model.

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