A Classified Cluster based Architecture for Resource Discovery in P2P Networks using Collaborative Agents

M. Sedaghat, M. Othman, and M.N. Sulaiman (Malaysia)


Peer to Peer Networks, Resource Discovery, Agents, Clustering


The nature of Peer to Peer (P2P) infrastructures makes resource discovery a challenging problem. Problems like a logical constitution of high churn nodes or directing the queries to an effective path and issues like supporting range queries in a simplified manner are some of these challenges. In these environments arranging the resources wisely is so crucial as it is an infrastructure for applying resource discovery application on the upper layer. In this paper a classification of peers in an agent based architecture for resource discovery is proposed and evaluated. Based on the proposed architecture the queries are directed through a more efficient path during the discovery process. This classification is intended to achieve a higher performance according to resource discovery time and rejection ratio during the resource discovery process.

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