An Efficient Inter-Domain Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks

N.F. Mir, S. Pumpichet, and H. Chan (USA)


Routing, Wireless Mesh Networks, Mobility, Network Simulations, Tunnelling


A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a self-configured and self-organized wireless network in which nodes maintain the mesh connectivity among themselves. However, in WMN, current multicast algorithms are merely deployed within an intra-domain multicasting. In this paper, a novel protocol is proposed to support the inter-domain multicasting with handover. The protocol introduces the Mesh Rendezvous Point (MRP) and Mesh Entry Point (MEP) that establish an IP tunnel between each other for transmitting multicast packets towards/outwards the intra domain. The protocol is evaluated on the sceanarios without a handover situation. The validation and performance of the proposed protocol is evaluated using OMNeT++ simulator.

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