A Minimization Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks

J. Curran and X. Chen (USA)


Grid, Matrix, Range, Sensor networks, Surveillance


Wireless sensor networks are now widely used in military and civilian surveillance with new advances in wireless technology. We consider the cooperation of non-imaging sensors and cameras, of which the non-imaging sensors are deployed to monitor an area continuously. If an event occurs, the sensors can trigger cameras to record further information. In this paper, we investigate the problem of triggering cameras using as few sensors as possible in this kind of environment. We first study the case of finding the minimum number of sensors needed to trigger the cameras from all-off to all-on in a grid topology. We then extend this to switch cameras from any initial states to any target states, in a grid topology. Finally we extend our problem to include switching cameras from any initial states to any target states with a random topology. It turns out that the solutions to this problem, if there are any, can be obtained by solving matrix equations in linear algebra. As far as we know, this problem has not been discussed before.

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