Message Flow Simulator for Evaluating Communication Algorithms

S. Yazaki and H. Ishihata (Japan)


Parallel processing, Interconnect, Network simulator, Message flow


This paper proposes Message Flow Simulator (MFS), which evaluates the communication algorithms for inter connection network of large-scale parallel computer. MFS calculates communication time from the amount of message flow on communication links. To show the characteristics of MFS, we presented the run time of MFS and the estimated virtual communication time on fat-tree networks including up to 3456 nodes for all-to-all communication. We compared MFS with Booksim 2.0 developed at Stanford University, which is an existing flit-level simulator. The ratio of the throughput of the network estimated by MFS differs from that estimated by Booksim (500 flits/packet) by 2.1% on average (3.6% at maximum and 1.2% at minimum). The simulation results of Booksim were close to the results of MFS when a packet consisted of many flits. We conclude that MFS provides the simulation results that reflect characteristics of the communication algorithms.

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