A Model of an Iterative Estimator of the Carrier Frequency Offset

P. Pedrosa, R. Dinis, and F. Nunes (Portugal)


Carrier frequency synchronization, frequency-offset bias, iterative receivers, BER performance.


In this paper we consider a digital transmission affected by carrier frequency offset (CFO). We consider an iterative receiver where we perform a decision-directed (DD) estimation of the CFO which is then employed for its compensation. It is shown that the DD CFO estimates are biased and our receiver is able to cope with this bias. We propose an analytical method to study the performance of this iterative receiver with DD CFO estimation and compensation, namely the computation of the residual CFO bias after each iteration and the corresponding bit error rate (BER) performance, for different initial CFO values. Performance results show that our analytical method is very accurate, both in terms of CFO bias estimation and BER performance.

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