Robust Image Watermarking Scheme based on End-Stopped Wavelets Feature Detector

I. Nasir, F. Khelifi, J. Jiang, and S. Ipson (UK)


Watermarking, DCT domain, image normalization, featurepoints, end-stopped wavelets.


In this paper, we propose a robust image watermarking scheme using visually significant feature points, which are determined by end-stopped wavelets feature detector. These feature points can resist various types of common signal processing and geometric attacks and they can be used as synchronization marks between watermark embedding and detection. The watermark is embedded into non overlapping normalized circular regions, which are determined by feature points. The watermark embedding process is carried out by modifying DCT coefficients in selected blocks. The original unmarked image is not required at the watermark extraction. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme successfully makes the watermark perceptually invisible as well as robust against common signal processing and geometric attacks and outperforms related techniques in the literature.

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