Fast Image Blurring using Lookup Table for Scale Space Construction

J. Ryu and T.H. Nishimura (Japan)


Gaussian Blur, Look-Up Table (LUT) , Difference of Gaussian (DoG), Fast Image Blur, Scale Space


In this paper, a novel fast Gaussian blurring method that uses Look-Up Table (LUT) is presented for creating a real time Difference of Gaussian (DoG) pyramid. The LUT for fast and accurate Gaussian blur is obtained from the values calculated from one-dimensional(1D) Gaussian elements and pixel values of image. To evaluate the method, computation time and similarity with a conventional two dimensional(2D) Gaussian blur are measured, and compared to other blurring methods. Based on the computational results, the proposed method shows good performance than other blurring methods such as box filter, Stack-blur, Romain Guy’s method, and recursive Gaussian blur. The proposed method could be effectively applied to create the DoG pyramid for feature extraction.

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