An Active Vector Field for Boundary Extraction of Objects with Complex Geometry

N.M. Sirakov (USA)


active contour, re-parameterization, vector field, generation, objects interior


This paper presents an approach capable of boundary extraction of complex geometric structures. The approach assumes that every region, subject of boundary extraction, is inscribed in a circle, whose center belongs to the region. The circle shrinks and defines the convex hull (CH) of the region. The CH is re-parameterized and normal vectors are built at the newly added points. The vectors normal to an edge, common for the CH and the boundary of the region, belong to the region’s interior. Further, every set of normal vectors is stretched to the opposite region’s edge. The two end vectors of every set in the interior become part of the active contour and generate two new sets of normal vectors, which belong to the interior. The process of vectors generation through reparameterization follows a binary tree. The vectors’ terminal points extract the region’s boundary. Criteria based on the re-parameterization step halts the process of generation. Experiments are performed to validate the theory. The contributions, the advantages and drawbacks of the present work are underlined through a comparison with existing methods in the field.

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