An Approach to Projective Reconstruction from Multiple Views

A. Carrano, V. D'Angelo, S.R.F. Fanello, I. Gori, F. Pirri, and A. Rudi (Italy)


Stereo vision, 3D-reconstruction, camera matrices space, projective reconstruction, structure from motion


We present an original multiple views method to perform a robust and detailed 3D reconstruction of a static scene from several images taken by one or more uncalibrated cameras. Making use only of fundamental matrices we are able to combine even heterogeneous video and/or photo sequences. In particular we give a characterization of camera matrices space consistent with a given fundamental matrix and provide a straightforward bottom-up method, linear in most practical uses, to fulfil the 3D reconstruction. We describe shortly how to integrate this procedure in a standard vision system following an incremental approach and show some interesting tests.

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