The Tree Model based on Adaptive LOD Technology

Y. Luo, Z. Wu, and X. Guo (PRC)


L-system, Level of Detail, Importance-based LOD


Modeling, simulation and visualization of forest is a new multidisciplinary research involving computer science, agroforestry, and ecology, etc. The proposed approach provides a way to control varying detail thus avoiding unnecessary computational cost, yet delivering adequate visual quality in order to accelerate the speed of plants rendering. In this paper, based on LOD technology and L system tree modeling theory, a novel algorithm was presented that the simplification grade are controlled by the plants shadow-casting size on the plane, namely, the imortance value. With this algorithm, one can paint a plant automaticly and accurately since the algorithm made the important visual areas to get a good visual quality and a detail rendering while being faithful to real plants. It also shown a good visual function and high processing speed in interaction with its environment in the case of forest rendering.

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