A Novel 3D Model Segmentation Approach

Y. Wang, R. Liu (PRC), S. Endo, and Y. Uehara (Japan)


3D Model Segmentation, Plane Detection, Contour GraphExtraction, Contour Graph Partition, Object Construction.


This paper proposes a novel model segmentation approach, where the input 3D model is naturally divided into a number of solid components based on the planes included in the model surface. In the method, the triangles of the model surface are firstly grouped to form a series of planes whose boundaries are then extracted to construct the model contour graph. Based on some predesigned rules and the geometry information of the detected planes, the contour graph is then iteratively divided into several sub-graphs, each of which is finally constructed into a solid object. Experiments verify that the method is efficient and effective especially for CAD engineering models.

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