Wave Optics based Deblurring Method

D. Yoo, C. Kim, H. Oh, and M.G. Kang (Korea)


diffraction, defocus aberration, optical transfer function(OTF), constraint least square (CLS)


In this paper, the wave optics based deblurring method removing the optical blur caused by the diffraction and defocus aberration on the optical system is proposed. The proposed deblurring method is performed on spatial domain with the deblur kernel. The deblur kernel is obtained by performing the regularization method based on functional minimization with the regularization parameter and high pass operator because the frequency response of the optical system, OTF (optical transfer function) has zero crossing points. The regularization parameter, controlling trade off between data fidelity and smoothness, was determined to have both results for flat and edge region each be optimum. The deblurring process are performed according to the characteristic of the local region with the deblur kernel. Through the experiments, the proposed method out performs the conventional approaches with respect to both objective and subjective criterion.

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