An Intelligent Visualization Method for Digital Photos Allowing Image Overlap

C. Jang, D.-S. Ryu, T. Yoon, and H.-G. Cho (Korea)


Overlapping layout, photo vizualization, identical photo, photo clustering


In this paper, we propose space-efficient layout method to show abundant photo set which includes redundant and low quality photos. Since digital camera takes no additional cost to take more photos and even multiple cameras are usually used at the same event, the number of photos also increases. They contain many identical photos which preventing user to catch contents of entire photos at a glance. To set suitable position of photos, we relocate photos from a photo set derived from clustering method or raw photo sequence from cameras. Near identical photos are over lapped to save display space and perceptive arrangement is conducted for users. Temporal interval and spatial relevance between photos determine horizontal distance on layout. Also, a vertical location of photo can be used to represent quality of the photo. Our method can help user to grasp the immanent meaning of the photo contents, easily. It saves window space and enhances browsing and read ability of photos.

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