An Improved Algorithm for Fractured Femoral Head Segmentation from CT using Dynamic Programming

J. Horáček, M. Horák, and J. Pelikán (Czech Republic)


Image Segmentation, Medical Imaging, CT, Femoral Head, Dynamic Programming.


We present a new improvement to the segmentation process of femoral head from CT dataset after a femoral neck fracture. Many existing algorithms for femoral head segmentation are slice-by-slice based and usually have problems with incorporating information from subsequent slices and that may lead to discontinuous result between individual slices. We overcome this weakness by performing a dynamic programming approach on data transformed to spherical coordinate space. The overall user interface is much more user friendly, because now the only segmentation parameter type on the user side is a point helping to localize the corticallis. This paper also discusses how to help the algorithm over areas where the automatic segmentation may have problems, especially when the data are of elderly patients with osteoporosis or damaged cortical parts of the bone.

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