Visual Representations for Supporting an Ontology-based Semantic Navigation of Medical Volume Data

S. Peters, M. Kelm, M. Huber, S. Seifert, A. Elsner, and G. Domik (Germany)


Image Ontology, Information Visualization, Medical Imaging, Artificial Intelligence Techniques, GraphicalInterfaces.


Medical ontologies provide an effective structure to support modern diagnoses based on multimodal data. The interface to ontology and data is a suitable, interactive visualization system to support doctors in their work. In search for a suitable visualization system for the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA), a set of evaluation criteria were established and are discussed in this paper. Furthermore, we will discuss the use of these evaluation criteria on a number of well-known visualization techniques and finally present the visual representation selected and developed for our implementation of the FMA. This visualization is linked to segmented medical images and supports a novel image navigation which is based on semantic information.

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