Freckle Detection and Removal based on Melanin Concentration Distribution Maps

S. Xu, Y. Ouyang, S. Zhang, and Y. Zhang (PRC)


Melanin, hemoglobin, freckle detection, freckle removal,pigment concentration distribution map


It is well known that freckles are caused by uneven distribution of melanin in the skin. Be different from traditional freckle removal methods based on texture and color, a new algorithm is proposed in this paper to detect and remove freckle based on independent melanin concentration distribution map. The map is firstly extracted from digital skin image by skin pigment decomposition technology. Freckle regions in skin are then automatically detected using modified Ostu algorithm. Inspired by skin transplant operation, texture synthesis algorithm is then applied to remove freckles. The experiments show that satisfying results can be obtained by the proposed e-cosmetic function. High fidelity skin image can be reproduced using proposed algorithm.

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