Developing Rubrics for Evaluating Online Forums in a Virtual Learning Environment

A. Carrancho da Silva and D.M. Ferreira (Brazil)


Evaluation, Interactivity, Web-Foru , Rubrics


This paper aims at presenting partial results of a final dissertation in a Major Professional Course on Evaluation at Fundação Cesgranrio. The main goal of this study is to present the evaluation of different levels of interactivity in a discussion web-forum in an undergraduate on-line course. This activity is seen as a fundamental interface in on-line courses, being offered in virtual learning environment. This study was carried on in a private university, in a Biology Undergraduate Course. In order to achieve its goals, the evaluator proposed, and elaborated Rubrics to evaluate this activity. The evaluator worked with qualified professionals to develop performance standards, evaluation criteria, and teaching instrumentation. The documented activities serve to corroborate that the validity issues were appropriately addressed. The project staff and stakeholder committees conducted an internal review and a field review of the proposed standards and criteria, as well as a pilot study of the proposed instrumentation for the elaboration of the specific rubrics. Stakeholder feedback served as an additional source of validity evidence. Although this study focused on development of an evaluation system in one state, the information presented may be helpful to studies that are planning to develop similar evaluations.

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