E-Learning Cost Analysis: Please Give Us Some Numbers!!!

M. Casagranda, A. Molinari, V. Pegoretti, and S. Tomasini (Italy)


e-Learning, Cost analysis


The paper presents a preliminary study regarding costs in e-learning settings. One of the elements frequently emerging from existing studies is that e-learning is less expensive compared to the residential editions of the same course at the increase of numbers of participants [Rumble, 2001] and/or number of editions. This fact is a typical strong point that we use trying to convince institutions to adopt pervasive e-learning initiatives. Although these arguments could be particular effective in Public Administrations, few evidences are available with clear and precise numbers regarding the efficiency of distance education solutions. In this paper we have attempted to develop a model for better understanding the ratio between costs, production of didactic material and activity of monitoring and of facilitating learning through ICTs. In our opinion, when a blended or an e-learning course is being designed, it is necessary to be prepared to understand the various factors involved in the development and delivery of the training process, with relative costs, by building up a personal list of factors applicable to the needs of the organization and the context.

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