The Effect of Lecture Videos on Participation in Teaching

I. Hakala, S. Laine, and M. Myllymäki (Finland)


Blended education, video lectures, participation in teaching, lecture attendance


Lecture videos have become an essential part of tertiary education and are offered in addition to face-to-face teaching. They bring flexibility to study by enabling students to participate in studies in a multiplicity of ways. Traditionally, participation in teaching by attending lectures has been understood as participation in face-to face teaching only. Introducing videos alongside face-to face teaching makes it possible to participate in lectures in addition to participating in face-to-face teaching. Both real-time video as well as with the help of on-demand video are used. This paper focuses on participation in teaching on courses, where more diversity has been added to face-to face teaching with the help of videos. Participation in teaching is defined and classified while paying due attention to video lectures. Participation in lectures is considered from the viewpoints of different participation modes. Moreover, the effect of the distance between the student's place of residence and the campus is examined. The results indicate that as well as affecting the modes of participation, lecture videos influence participation in teaching on the whole.

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