Mobile Game Terminal based Interactive Education Environment for Large-Scale Lectures

N. Hanakawa and M. Obana (Japan)


Interactive education, Large-scale lecture, Mobile game terminals, Three layer interaction


We have developed an interactive education environment called “p-HInT”. A purpose of the p-HInT is improvement of classroom lectures with 200 or more attendees at non-computer classrooms. A most feature of the p-HInT is usage of mobile game terminal NINTENDO DS with Opera browser. Each attendee brings a DS to a lecture. After the attendee log-ins the pHInT system through DS, a teacher can see an attendees’ list with seating locations. In addition, after the teacher does tests through DS, the teacher can immediately see the results of the tests. By using the p-HInT system with DSs, because teachers can quickly grasp attendees’ understanding levels, the teachers can improve then and there the lecture according to the attendees’ understanding levels. As a result of adapting lectures to our regular curriculum, we confirmed that results of essay-type tests in lectures using the p-HInT are better than results of essay-type tests in normal lectures. Moreover, lecture styles have been improved because of decreasing private talking of students, miscellaneous tasks like distributing hand outs. In addition, we proposed a three layer interactive education model. We discuss that interactions by minutes-order in the first layer of the model are important, and the interactions are possible only under the environment of the p-HInT in large-scale lectures.

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