Performance Study of the Most Commonly Used Image Retrieval Evaluation Methods

S.A. Chatzichristofis and Y. Boutalis (Greece)


Image Retrieval Evaluation Methods, MAP, ANMRR, MNRO


One of the most significant problems in the field of image retrieval results from the lack of a common test bed for the evaluation of the systems. So far, many of the methods used in the field of information retrieval have been adopted in order to evaluate the retrieval results. This paper describes the most commonly used methods for retrieval evaluation and notes their weaknesses. It also proposes a new method of measuring the performance of retrieval systems. The proposed method is generic and can be used for evaluating the retrieval performance of any type of information. The proposed evaluation technique has been implemented and is used to evaluate the retrieval results of the img(Rummager)1 system.

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