Trajectory Tracking for a Linear Formation of Robots

G. Klančar, S. Blažič, and D. Matko (Slovenia)


Mobile robots, linear formation, trajectory tracking, simulation.


The control of vehicle platooning is proposed and tested on wheeled robots. A decentralized platooning, i.e., a virtual train of vehicles, where each vehicle is autonomous and decides on its motion based on its own perceptions is considered. The following vehicle determines its position and orientation using odometry. It must follow the leader by having only relative position information to the leading vehicle. The reference position and the orientation of the following vehicle are determined by the estimated path of the leading vehicle in a parametric polynomial form. The parameters of the polynomials are determined using the least squares method. The trajectory tracking control law is used to drive robots on estimated paths. The results of the experiments and the error accumulation analysis demonstrate the applicability of the proposed algorithm to a limited number of vehicles in the platoon.

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