Prototype of Repository System to Support Software Component Re-Use

B.Y. Alkazemi and S.M. Almajnooni (Saudi Arabia)


Re-use, Components, Source code, Classification, Repository.


Software component re-use is of obvious importance to the software engineering process, and is increasing in prominence due to the highly successful open-source software movement. While open-source software is, by its very nature, available for re-use, facilities for finding components that fits an engineer’s needs are somewhat limited. Repositories for open-source software are available on the world-wide web, and work well if you know what you are looking for. However, such repositories are more problematical for unstructured searching or browsing, or for assisting in the re-use of part of an open-source software system that has been deposited in the repository. This paper proposes a prototype of repository for open-source software that incorporates a software component classification scheme, together with re-factoring mechanisms that can deliver reusable software components from deposited software systems. The design consideration of this prototype is to tackle some of the problems in the current open-source repositories in order to further promote the identification and re-use of software.

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