Biomechanical Simulation of Potential Injury Risk based on Bodygraphic Injury Data and Product Usage Data

Y. Koizumi, Y. Nishida, Y. Motomura, Y. Miyazaki, and H. Mizoguchi (Japan)


Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science andEngineering, Hazard Identification, Injury Prevention, Impact Biomechanics


Injury prevention is one of the most important and urgent issues in children’s health since the primary cause of death of children is unintentional injury. Injury prevention requires making safe products as well as safe environments by evaluating the risks. This paper proposes a system for presenting and evaluating potential risk of injury by using a biomechanical simulation based on bodygraphic injury data collected in hospitals and product usage data collected by sensors. To prove the effectiveness of the proposed system, this paper describes the application of the system to the risk analysis of a playground swing in a park. The potential risk of head injury around the swing equipment was calculated by using a physical simulator consisting of a multi-body model, a finite element model of a child’s head, an injury database, and a children’s behavior model.

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