Chatbots: Can They Serve as Natural Language Interfaces to QA Corpus?

B.A. Shawar (Jordan) and E. Atwell (UK)


Chatbot, QA system, human computer interfaces, AIML.


A chatbot is a program which can chat in natural language, on a topic built into the chatbot’s internal knowledge model. Many chatbots exist, with different knowledge-bases programmed by the chatbot builders. We have built a system to convert a website text (corpus) to a chatbot knowledge-base format. In this paper the chatbot is used as a question answer interface, where TRE09 QA track is used to automatically retrain the chatbot knowledge-base. Evaluation shows promising results, 2/3 of generated answers were correct. We aim to see how to improve the algorithm for building the knowledge base before comparing this tool with other natural language interfaces.

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