The Voice Recognition Design in Twin Rotor Helicopter via Grey Relational Grade

M.-L. Chen, J.-R. Wang, C.-L. Chen, and H.-T. Tu (Taiwan)


Helicopter manual-controlled system, Grey relational grade, Voice recognition, Kalman filter, S/N ratio


The objective of this study is to rectify traditional helicopter manual-controlled system, improve hovering control, and upgrade the convenience of manual-controlled system by means of the application of grey relational voice recognition. With the assistance of fuzzy logic Kalman filter, this study aims to advise the voice recognition system used to eradicate the disturbance and enhance the ability to recognize the voice. This investigation progressively aims to integrate Mel frequency cepstral with grey relational analysis to form a grey-relational-based voice recognition system, utilized to prevent the system from the interference of rotating propellers and reinforce the ability to precisely recognize the voice while the helicopter is in flight. The data analyzed by Grey Relational application indicates that the voice recognition rate reaches 90% or above to enhance the ability to control system and design S/N ratio (Signal and Noise) with the assistance of a twin rotor helicopter design under the environment full of noise.

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