The Research of Optimal International Marketing Resource Allocation Model on International Trading Enterprises

C.-Y. Kung, T.-M. Yan, and C.-C. Liao (Taiwan)


Marketing resource allocation, International marketing, International trade, GRA


With the trend of Global trade liberalization and the advancement of international finance, transportation, communications technology, international trade activities getting more frequently. Facing increasingly competitive environment, enterprises have to review the value of resources and effectively allocate their limited resources. The objective of this research is to build the optimal international marketing resource allocation model. Acquiring appropriate factors of international marketing resources by literature review and export’s opinions. Using grey relational analysis (GRA) to determine the weight of each factor. The result showed the most important 5 factors out of total 23 factors in industrial market are: Competitive pricing, Product design, Delivery speed, Trading barriers information receiving, Payment term. While in consumer market, the orders are: Competitive pricing, Product quality, Product positioning, Product design, Delivery speed. This model is expected to help small and medium enterprises engaged in international marketing reviewing their international marketing resources and effectively using of their marketing resources.

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