The Development of Matlab Toolbox for Liver Function Evaluation

K.-L. Wen, B.-Y. Lee, M.-L. You, and Z.-S. Zhou (Taiwan)


Liver function, GRA, Matlab, Toolbox, Health index


This study is designed to assist the investigation of quality in health care in the evaluation and certification of liver function, and apply the software toolbox by means of grey relational analysis(GRA) to set up a Matlab-based evaluation and quantitative measurement for liver function. At first, based on previous studies associated with variables of liver-function diagnosis, this study is set to measure the factors, which may leave the effect on diagnosis. The measurement dimension of this study consists of entirely five variables including those, which are thought of as factors in medicine-related investigations. Weights of different variables depend on subjective or objective experiences. Followed by the theory of grey relational analysis, this study can examine the objective quantitative values with the assistance of doctor’s diagnosis to make the evaluation of weights, and the function assessment of health index to form a diagnosis-assisted platform of objective intelligent assessment of liver function.

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