UDP Performance Comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 using Windows Vista-Server2008 and Windows XP-Server2008 LANs

C. Manford, S.S. Kolahi, B.K. Soorty, Z. Qu, and N. Chand (New Zealand)


Performance Evaluation, IPv4, IPv6, Fast Ethernet LAN, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP and Vista.


In this paper, the UDP performance of IPv4 and IPv6 on two client-server based environments is compared over fast Ethernet, one running Windows Vista with Windows Server 2008 and the other running Windows XP with Windows Server 2008. For Vista-Server 2008 the UDP bandwidth range was 26.9 to 85.5 Mbps for IPv4 and 26.3 to 84.1 Mbps for IPv6. For XP-Server 2008, the bandwidth ranged from 27.9 to 85.5 Mbps for IPv4 and 24.5 to 85.2 Mbps for IPv6. Except for the packet size of 384 bytes, the two operating systems had negligible bandwidth differences.

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