Development of Java EE Web Applications for the iPhone: Introducing the JSF Component Library jWAN

T. Kisner and K. Jacobi (Germany)


Web Application, Java, JSF, Java Server Faces, Java EE, jWAN


Before the opening of Apples App Store, the development of applications for the iPhone was only possible in the form of web applications. They are not executed locally on the iPhone - they were provided by a webserver which offers optimized HTML pages. Despite the huge and still increasing popularity of the App store there is still a demand of users and enterprises to develop web applications for the iPhone which can be integrated into existing applications and server infrastructures. Because existing frameworks mostly base on low level HTML coding, we propose in this paper a framework to develop iPhone optimized web applications by an own implementation of a component library for Java Server Faces (JSF) technology, which is a JavaEE standard.

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