Information Assurance Robot Vision System based on the Estimation of Search Strategy

Y. Kagiyama, T. Shiose, H. Kawakami, and O. Katai (Japan)


Robot Vision, Tactile Perception, 3-D Printer, Information Assurance, Joint Attention


This research pays attention to visually handicapped person’s touching action. It develops the information security robot vision system based on the uneven distribution level in the minion orbit. This system secures information analyzing visually handicapped person’s minion orbit based on the image processing. The scene consists of the visually handicapped person hearing the lecture in the citizens course with the tactile figures to be mediated. First of all this paper explains the outline of the in formation security robot vision system. To enable information assurance after the user’s intention, we newly adopt the spatio-temporal image data structure that arbitrarily specifies the range and resolution. Finally, under the structure, we analyze the touching action of visually handicapped persons with tactile figures, and obtain the new pattern of assurance by the spatio-temporal data structure.

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