A Web-based MIS System for Occupational Health

T.M. Connolly, A. MacPhail, and D.G.W. Scott (UK)


Occupational Health, MIS, EHR, security


During the last 40 years there have been major changes in the workplace. The growth in the use of information technology at work, the globalization of many industries, organizational restructuring, changes in work patterns have significantly transformed the nature of work in many organizations. During this same period the workforce itself has also diversified. These changes have had an impact on the well-being of the workforce and have led to a wide range of health-related problems. Sickness absence is both detrimental to the individual and to the organisation. Occupational Healthcare (OH) is about the promotion and maintenance of the physical, mental and social well-being of employees. It aims to protect staff from workplace risks, but also to manage the effect of any health issues on their work. OH is of increasing importance to organisations and many now outsource this service. This paper discusses the development of a Management Information System (MIS) for Occupational Health that allows organisations to better manage their OH provision and sickness absences. The system is currently being evaluated in a large public sector organisation and early feedback is positive.

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