Kinematic Analysis in Femur Fracture Reduction

S. Wang, Y. Chen, R. Ye, and W.-P. Yau (PRC)


Robot-assisted surgery, Femur fracture reduction,Acceleration planning, Velocity planning


Femur fracture is a frequently occurred injury and usually treated by surgeries. In order to overcome problems involved in the surgeries and improve the surgical operation efficiency, some researches on automated or semi-automated robot-assisted surgery have been carried out. Yet few literature reports on velocity and acceleration planning can be found. In this paper, two algorithms dealing with computation of acceleration are proposed and velocity is computed according to acceleration. The algorithms use information obtained from the surroundings to calculate acceleration. One algorithm evaluates risk of trauma induced by bone fragment motion, and the other one computes acceleration based on the information of reduction path and risk of inducing trauma. From the simulation results, velocity of bone fragment is slowed down reasonably and smoothly when the risk of inducing trauma is high. When the risk falls, meaning that the probability of trauma caused by bone fragment motion is low, moving velocity of bone fragment rises. These results have validated the performance of the proposed algorithms.

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