Robust Structured Light Coding for Fast Antropometry Measurements

I. Stančić, T. Šupuk, and M. Cecić (Croatia)


Biomechanics, anthropometry, computer vision, 3Dscanner, structured light.


The anthropometric tables today used in biomechanics are not individualized and are inadequate for precise measurement and calculations. Series of individualized anthropometric measurement methods are preformed lately, which use expensive commercial computer vision systems or clinical devices. Computer vision systems with laser light or structured light showed to be the best solution when fast and individualized measurement of anthropometric parameters are required, which can be proven by numerous commercial systems today available for aiding designers to create individualized garment. These devices offer resolutions and details of a 3D body model far beyond real requirements of simple anthropometric calculations, and cannot fully utilize expensive equipment. Goal of our work was to create simple body-surface scanner using only consumer electronic components; digital camera, office LPD projector and a PC. Technique used in our system inherits best features of a laser and structured light scanners, while robust light coding enables us to measure in virtual any conditions.

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