Analysis and Simulation of a Magnetic Trap for Magnetically and Fluorescently Labeled Microparticles

M. Brandl, M. Mayer, T. Posnicek, C. Fabian, and D. Falkenhagen (Austria)


Ferromagnetic microparticles, Particle sedimentation, Particle trap, Magnetic separation


For extracorporeal blood purification, we have designed a microsphere based detoxification system (MDS) for highly specific toxin removal. The patient’s blood enters an extracorporeal circuit where in a plasma filter the blood is separated into a cell and a filtrate (plasma) fraction. The filtrate is directed and recirculated with high flow rate in a closed loop circuit (secondary MDS circuit). In the secondary circuit, the filtrate is suspended with high specific adsorbent microspheres having a mean diameter below 7µm. The hollow fiber plasma filter represents the sole barrier for microparticle blood contact. Medical safety regulations prescribe a double fault safety to protect the patient against microparticle infusion. This enforces an additional safety device. We have designed a high sensitive fluorescence based microparticle detector placed downstream the plasma filter along the venous blood line. For detection of a particle leakage and therefore a particle release from the plasma circuit into the blood circuit, we add ferromagnetic and fluorescently labeled microspheres to the adsorbent particle suspension into the secondary MDS circuit. In case of a membrane rupture, the labeled particles are released together with the adsorbent particles and can be detected in the blood line.

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