Simulation of Extracorporal Circulation for the Design of a Fuzzy Controlled Perfusion

A. Mendoza García, B. Baumgartner, U. Schreiber, S. Eichhorn, M. Krane, R. Bauernschmitt,and A. Knoll (Germany)


Simulation, Extracorporal Circulation, Fuzzy Control


A simulation environment was developed as a tool for the design of a fuzzy controlled perfusion. This consists of a mathematical model of the cardiovascular system connected to a heart-lung machine. An existing cardiovascular model extracted from the PHYSIOME database was used and extended with the model of a HLM. A visual interface was created to simulate real-time patient data where specific scenarios can be evaluated. Preliminary results are shown where the model was adjusted with experimental data and a fuzzy controller was activated to test its performance.

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