PET Attenuation Correction WITHOUT Transmission Scan

A. Soriano, A. Orero, F. Sánchez, J. Benlloch, A. González, and C. Correcher (Spain)


Medical Imaging, Image Processing, and Signal Processing, Attenuation Correction, Breast PET


Attenuation correction (AC) for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) data improves the image quality and enhances quantitative accuracy of radioactivity distribution determination. In dedicated, high resolution breast cancer scanners, this correction would enhance the proper diagnosis in early disease stages. In whole-body PET scanners, AC is usually taken into account by means of transmission scans, either by external radioactive rod sources or by Computed Tomography (CT), considerably increasing the radiation dose to the patient and time needed for the exploration. In this work we propose a method for breast shape identification, by means of PET image segmentation. The breast shape identification will be used for the determination of the AC. For the case of a specific breast PET scanner the procedure we propose should provide AC quite similar to that obtained by transmission scans as we take advantage of the breast anatomical simplicity. Experimental validation of the proposed approach with a dedicated breast PET prototype is also presented. The main advantage of this approach is an important dose reduction since the transmission scan is not required.

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