Intelligent Device for Control of Active Ankle-Foot Orthosis

I. Veneva (Bulgaria)


Prosthetics and Orthotics, Active ankle-foot orthoses,Control, Rehabilitation robotics


The main aim of this research is the development of an autonomous adaptive system for actuation, data acquisition and control of active ankle-foot orthosis. The system is composed by microcontroller, driver and sensor system, which application is to actuate and position the foot orthotic segment, as well as data acquisition, communication and friendly oriented software for interpretation of the data obtained during the walking. The research work combines hardware and software design of the intelligent control device with graphical interface for representation and analysis of the data acquired during human motion. A laboratory model of the proposed system was implemented to demonstrate its autonomy and verify experimentally its functionality. The proposed control device can be used in several applications involving human motion analysis and control of different types of orthoses used for gait correction.

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