Force Assistance System for Seating Motion

D. Chugo, H. Ozaki, Y. Sakaida, S. Yokota, and K. Takase (Japan)


Seating motion, Force assistance, Rehabilitation walker


The walker with power assistance for standing, which we propose, focuses on home use for those requiring daily assistance. Our walker realizes the standing and seating motion using the support pad which is actuated by the assistance manipulator mechanism with four parallel linkages. In this paper, we develop the force control scheme which realizes the natural seating motion with fewer loads to the patient. For developing this system, we investigate the seating motion of aged people who requires to power support and typical seating motion by nursing specialists. Comparing with two motions, we set the reference of seating motion with our system and we discuss the required assistance condition for seating motion. Our key concepts involve (1) the analysis of condition, which reduces the patient’s load and maintains his posture stably when it is necessary, and (2) a combination of force and position control. Based on the user’s posture while seating motion, our proposed control selects appropriate control using the reference of seating based on typical seating motion by nursing specialists for realizing natural assistance.

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