M.T. Daş and L.C. Dülger


Particle swarm optimization (PSO), PID (proportional derivativeintegral control, SCARA robot, optimum control, PSO-PID con-trollerNotatione(t) the error signalIa1, Ia2 the armature current for motor 1 and2 (A)J1, J2 inertias of the main and the fore arm(kg m2)Jm, Jm1, Jm2 the motor and equivalent inertias (kg m2)Jg1, Jg2 inertias of the gearbox 1 and 2 (kg m2)La1, La2 the armature inductances for motor 1 and2 (H)Ke1, Ke2 the back emf constants for motor 1 and2 (


This paper presents an approach where the Particle swarm optimiza- tion (PSO) is employed to get optimum PID controller parameters to control of a SCARA robot. PSO is an evolutionary technique which is originated from swarm intelligence. A practical application of the PSO-PID controller is performed with the system dynamics. A simulation study is also included with the proposed controller by using the systems dynamic equations with the actuator dynamics and optimum PID parameters. Different trajectories are studied. Performances of the traditional controllers; PD, PID and the ap- plication of PSO-PID controller are then compared. Simulation results are presented. The numerical results definitely enforced the potential use of PSO-PID controller herein.

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