An Implementation of a Bluetooth Stack-Enabled TCP/IP Protocol for a Remote Control System with Fault Diagnosis

B. Park, J. Yoo, S. Kim, and H. Kim (Korea)


Bluetooth, TCP/IP, PPP, Fault detection, Diagnosis, Digital Convergence, Implementation


Wireless remote control and fault diagnosis in a variety of applications are fast becoming common parts of our usual lives. However, it is difficult to design a unified solution due to the absence of the sense of generality and the scarcity of compatibleness in the heterogeneous applica tions to simply control. In this paper, we describe an implementation of a Bluetooth Stack-enabled TCP/IP protocol (BSTP) for integrating both wireless remote control and fault-diagnosis solution. Especially, users can easily access general diagnostic systems without addi tional devices. We propose a fault diagnosis system of home appliances over BSTP with a mobile phone, which enables remote-control, fault-detection for home appliances.

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