Automatic Extraction of Navigation Structure in Scheduling Tools

F. Zavoral, D. Bednárek, J. Yaghob, and J. Dokulil (Czech Republic)


Multidimensional scheduling; user navigation; structure extraction


Creating a university schedule is a task that cannot be com pletely automated and that requires human-computer inter action. A scheduling tool shall allow flexible navigation to display the schedule from the best point of view and in the best level of detail for a particular operation. Due to the variability and size of the scheduling problem, the views cannot be determined in advance. In this paper, we propose a formal model of the objects involved in such a scheduling problem and a tree-like navigational structure allowing the user to select the best view to display the objects. The struc ture is incrementally extracted from the underlying model by an algorithm presented in this paper. This approach was used in a commercial scheduling software deployed at sev eral universities. The success of this software suggests that our approach may be applied in many areas where multi dimensionally structured data are presented in an interac tive application.

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