The Effect of Reactive Power Generation Modeling on Voltage Stability Analysis

E. Tovar and J. Guillermo Calderón Guizar (Mexico)


Power Flow, Reactive Power, Minimum Singular Value, Armature and Field Current


The influence of generator voltage dependent reactive power production on system voltage stability is examined. The Minimum Singular Value (MSV) from the Jacobian Matrix of the load flow formulation is used. The synchronous generator model considers voltage reactive power limits due to maximum armature current, maximum and minimum field current as well as under excitation limiters. This generation model is included in an ordinary load flow program, and results from studies of a representative 62 bus Norwest Control Area Mexican system, which includes 19 generators, are presented. The adoption of the simplified representation (rectangular) or a more exact representation of the capability curves, may influence the search for feasible solutions to a considerable extent, extending the knowledge for optimization for system voltage and reactive power scheduling.

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