A New Simulation Tool for Testing Smart Home Recognition Algorithms

K. Bouchard, A. Ajroud, B. Bouchard, and A. Bouzouane (Canada)


3D simulation tool, Smart Home, Activity Recognition, Cognitive Assistance, Real case scenarios, Open source.


Smart home technologies have become, in the last few years, a very active topic of research. However, many scientists working in this field do not possess smart home infrastructure allowing them to conduct satisfactory experiments in a concrete environment with real data. To address this issue, this paper presents a new flexible 3D smart home infrastructure simulator developed in Java specifically to help researchers working in the field of activity recognition. A set of pre-recorded scenarios, made with data extracted from clinical trials, will be included with the simulator in order to give a common foundation for testing activity recognition algorithms. The goal is to release the SIMACT simulator as an open source component that will benefit the whole smart home research community.

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