An NPC/H-Bridge Modular Photovoltaic Grid Connected Inverter with New-Phase Shifted PWM Technique

T. Wanjekeche, D.V. Nicolae, and A.A. Jimoh (S. Africa)


Harmonic content, Cascaded NPC/H-Bridge, PV – Grid interface, PWM inverter, state - space model.


Multilevel topologies have emerged as a viable technique for medium and high voltage inverter but in low voltage range they have failed to attract much interest due to their increased cost associated with additional components and complicated control. Adopting modular design in these systems improves expandability, serviceability, reliability and efficiency. This paper presents a state space approach to the problem of realizing a control strategy for the model. MATLAB simulation is carried using the new phase shifted PWM technique, the results are compared with the usual (PSPWM) technique, It is shown that the inverter exhibits reduced harmonic content and only multiples of eighth order harmonics are present.

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