Future Vision and Key Technologies of Next Generation Modeling and Simulation

G. Guo, Q.M. Wang, G. Li, and C.G. Xie (PR China)


Modeling & simulation standards, verification, validation and accreditation, component model, semantic communication, architecture, discrete event simulation


The emerging requirement of complex system modeling and simulation calls for the next generation modeling and simulation (M&S). The essential of the requirement is to build interoperable and reusable models and simulations effectively, credibly and rapidly. The outstanding characteristics of the next generation M&S include component models and standards, semantic communications and interoperability, multi facet or resolution models, automatic and quantitative VVA methods, simulation standards and interconnection of simulation systems. The key technologies of the next generation M&S are standards for models and simulations, VVA and simulation algorithms. According to the requirements, the architecture with front ends and back ends is proposed as a recommended solution for the next generation M&S. The prototypes are implemented to demonstrate and verify the concepts and the technologies that prove to be viable. But for complex systems, the semantic communications and component model standards still need further revolutionary improvements as well as the distributed or parallel simulation algorithms and VVA methods.

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